“They call it Divergent.”

Veronica Roth’s best seller “Divergent” is easily one of the best books I have ever read. The overall plot of the story captures its readers and won’t release you until you are finished reading its pages. “Divergent” would be appropriate for ages 13 and older, there are a few lines in the text that are sexual but nothing that would make me not want my own child to read it. 

“Divergent” is set in the Chicago area in the future. There are five factions that people are separated into based on personality traits. The factions are Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor. Erudite is a faction that consists of people who are very intelligent and who enjoy research and learning. Dauntless members are fearless and protect the city’s boundaries. Abnegation is a faction whose members are selfless. Amity people are peaceful and Candor members are honest. 

The book’s main character Beatrice, who later is called Tris, belongs to the Abnegation faction along with her family. After taking a test that helps her determine which faction she should pledge her allegiance to the person explains to her that she is Divergent. This means that Tris doesn’t belong to just one faction but her personality can fit into three different factions. Divergent people are considered a threat to the overall system and thus her title must be kept a secret for her own safety. Beatrice decides to join Dauntless because she has always envied their freedom and bravery. 

While in Dauntless, Tris has to go through extensive physical and emotional training before she is called a Dauntless member. Her trainer, Four, challenges her to take advantage of her strengths to downplay her weaknesses that were obvious to others. They of course fall in love, but the great part is that it’s not in the traditional way. 

I don’t want to give away the ending because no one ever enjoys that. This fiction novel by Veronica Roth was one that I read from cover to cover more than once. It would be a good read for anyone that likes action, romance, sic-fi, and even a little suspense. 

Summit Entertainment is releasing a film about the movie in March of 2014.