Up to My Ears in Authors


I do apologize for how long it has been since I last posted, however I do have a viable excuse. As you can see, this Christmas I received a literal box of books, nineteen to be exact, which kept me pre-occupied over the past few weeks. Many of those books were included in my Christmas wish list, which I have previously written about on my blog. Should I be ashamed that I almost shed tears at the sight of so many new novels that were in that moment in my possession? Excuse me while I hide my head under this quilted blanket.

As I read through those nineteen books I was introduced to new authors whose work I greatly admired. Tahereh Mafi, who is the proclaimed author of the “Shatter Me” trilogy, indeed shattered me when she brought an end to a world and characters that I had grown to love through the third installment. My heart raced and melted from the intense action and romance of Sara Raash‘s “Snow Like Ashes” and the sequel “Ice Like Fire”. I discovered an apocalyptic world in which I would not like to experience, however I would endure it if Raffe from Susan Ee‘s “Angelfall” was by my side. Sarah Maas captivated me from beginning to end with the book’s eerily beautiful description and unique style to the mature fantasy genre.

All of these authors were able to make their plots and themes universal, however allow each reader to apply their own life exclusively to the story. In many instances, I would find myself relating to a character’s struggle or characteristics. I highly recommend all of these authors and their work, they did an exceptional job of keeping me entertained. I would greatly appreciate any recommendations of books or authors that you may have for me, I always love to explore outside of what I already know.