✓ That Off the List

I apologize for the duration of time that has passed since my last post. I have no excuses apart from life and time getting away from me. However, this time has been spent completing a 2016 reading challenge that I found on my Pinterest feed!

It has been a habit of mine to “repin” certain books that I would like to read and then they end up escaping my memory, but it was this particular reading challenge that caught my fancy. The thing that drew my attention was the fact that it didn’t have specific books that a person had to read, only a general category. For example, one of the entries on the book challenge is to read a book that is becoming a movie that year. The person completing the reading challenge is then able to choose a book that would both check off that category as well as choose a book that actually appeals to them.

While I have been striving to complete this 2016 reading challenge, I did start this in the middle of June, leaving me only six months to complete the 40 entries. As much as I am obsessed with reading as the next person, I do not have every hour of every day that is needed in order for me to complete the list by December of this year. I have, however, read and completed a good amount of the categories by November.

It has also been a trial in the sense that because I am struggling to rush through all of these entries, I’m not allowing myself to genuinely enjoy these books. Right now, I see the stack of books on my nightstand as another checkmark on the printed out page of the reading challenge. And so, I have accepted the fact that I will not complete this challenge by the end of this year, but I will from this point forward read the books for my own pleasure instead of a competition (I may or may not still make a checkmark by the titles).

If you have any reading challenges that you yourself are completing, or just any great books that you would like to recommend to me for leisurely reading, please comment with the titles!



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